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Fabrizio Serra editore is always looking to publish new books, new or existing series, journals which complement its extensive portfolio in Education, Area Studies, Geography, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business and Economics, Biomedicine, Bioscience, Physics and Engineering, etc.
With over eighty years' publishing experience, international offices for marketing and promotion and over 150 series and 120 journals in print, the most Online too, Fabrizio Serra editore is a leading publisher of academic books, series, journals.
All Fabrizio Serra editore series and journals have their own web pages with editorial contacts, guidelines for authors and recent and past tables of contents.
For guidance in constructing a new book, serie, journal proposal, please see our following help-sheet. When your proposal is complete, if you need further guidance or if you would like to see what Fabrizio Serra editore can do for your new or existing book, serie, journal, please contact our Publishing Director:

Prof. Fabrizio Serra
Publishing Director

Pisa offices:
Fabrizio Serra editore
Via Santa Bibbiana 28
I 56127 Pisa

Roma offices:
Fabrizio Serra editore
Via Carlo Emanuele I 48
I 00185 Roma


What to include in a Book, Series, Journal Proposal

1. Names and addresses of proposers, with telephone, fax and e-mail addresses. Brief curriculum vitae of each proposer.

2. Description of the book, series, journal, including the following:

2.1. title (note if tentative);

2.2. editor(s) and affiliation(s);

2.3. aims and scope (1-2 pages). Should explain the purpose of the publication and what topics would be covered. If appropriate, mention topics that would not be included;

2.4. brief description (150-200 words) for promotional purposes;

2.5. for book roughly length in thousand words, number of tables and illustrations (with the completed typescript, if possible);

2.6. economical and financial aids for the publication.

3. Overview of existing publications in the field. Why is a new publication needed? What sort of competition would existing publications pose for both contributors and buyers or/and subscribers? Details of their circulation and price are helpful.

4. List of 10-15 previously published papers, with bibliographic information, that would be appropriate to the book, serie, journal.

5. List of 10-15 topics or "dream" paper titles that would be appropriate for the book, serie, journal.

6. Anticipated launch date.

7. Names and addresses of researchers in the topic who can be contacted to discuss this proposal (with our editorial and marketing evaluation-board of editors).

8. Promotion (for journals). To reach individuals that might contribute and subscribe to the members of what organisations, professional or scholarly societies should brochures and call for papers be sent? Please include Italian, European, North American and other international organisations.

9. Editorial Board (for journals): Names and affiliations. Note whether list is of potential members, whether informally or formally accepted invitation to serve. Comment on composition and role of the board.

10. Editorial operation (for journals). Where would manuscripts be sent by contributors? Who would oversee the review process. What kind of peer-review system would be employed?

11. Production (for journals). What frequency, trim size, number of pages per year, and general design are envisioned.

12. Market (for journals) Who would subscribe to such a publication? What number of individuals would be potential subscribers? What number of libraries or other institutions would be potential subscribers? What annual subscription rates are proposed?