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Archaeologia Iberica

An International Journal


Rivista internazionale di studi su Leonardo da Vinci


Rivista internazionale di letteratura italiana

Philosophical Papyri

A Journal of Ancient Philosophy
and the Papyrological Tradition



A Journal of Alternative Sexualities
in Ancient and Modern Literature and the Arts


An International Journal


Rivista internazionale

Favola & Fiaba

Rivista internazionale di studi e ricerche nelle letterature classiche e moderne


Rivista internazionale di studi su Niccolò Machiavelli

Philologia Philosophica

Rivista internazionale

Romana Res Publica

An International Journal

Scritture e linguaggi dello sport

Rivista internazionale di letteratura

Asia Minor

An International Journal of Archaeology in Turkey


An International Journal of Archaeomusicology and Archaeology of Sound

Ancient Numismatics

An International Journal

Occidente / Oriente

Rivista internazionale di studi tardoantichi

Artes Renascentes

Revue Scientifique Internationale · Rivista Scientifica Internazionale · International Scholarly Journal · Revista Científica Internacional · Internationale Wissenschaftliche Fachzeitschrift


An International Journal on Glyptic Studies


Rivista internazionale di studi storico-filologici sulle fonti

Oriens Antiquus · Series Nova

Rivista di studi sul Vicino Oriente Antico e il Mediterraneo orientale
A Journal of Ancient Near-Eastern and East Mediterranean Studies

Fabrizio Serra editore, Pisa · Roma

* Anno XXV, 2017/1
Pp. 280
* History of Economic Ideas (fascicolo completo)
Anno XXV 2017/1

Pagine: 1-280 (263)
Prezzo: Euro 210.00
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* Jorge M. Streb
What do Players Know? Nash Equilibrium and Cournot's Anticipation of the Adaptive Interpretation

DOI: 10.19272/201706101001

Pagine: 11-34 (24)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Danielle Guizzo
Ethical Transformation and Government of the Self in Keynes's Economic System

DOI: 10.19272/201706101002

Pagine: 35-50 (16)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Tiziana Foresti
German Historicism in North America: a New Review of Materials from Henry Walcott Farnam and Jack Carroll Myles

DOI: 10.19272/201706101003

Pagine: 51-107 (57)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Roberto Baranzini, Edward Castleton, Sophie Swaton
«Social Economy» in Nineteenth-Century France

DOI: 10.19272/201706101004

Pagine: 111-114 (4)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Clément Coste, Marie Lauricella
The Social Economy of Constantin Pecqueur (1801-1887). A Little Known Contribution to the Critique of Liberal Political Economy in 19th Century France

DOI: 10.19272/201706101005

Pagine: 115-141 (27)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Edward Castleton
Association, Mutualism, and Corporate Form in the Published and Unpublished Writings of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

DOI: 10.19272/201706101006

Pagine: 143-172 (30)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Roberto Baranzini, Sophie Swaton
Persistent Confusions about Walras's Conception of «Social Economy»

DOI: 10.19272/201706101007

Pagine: 173-190 (18)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Alain Clément, Riccardo Soliani
From Gide to Desroche, from Cooperation to Utopia: Two Different Interpretations of Charles Fourier

DOI: 10.19272/201706101008

Pagine: 191-208 (18)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Alberto Feduzi, Jochen Runde, Carlo Zappia
De Finetti and Savage on the Normative Relevance of Imprecise Reasoning: a Reply to Arthmar and Brady

DOI: 10.19272/201706101009

Pagine: 211-223 (13)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Rogério Arthmar, Michael Emmett Brady
De Finetti-Savage's and Keynes-Knight's Approaches to Probability and Uncertainty: a Rejoinder to Feduzi, Runde and Zappia

DOI: 10.19272/201706101010

Pagine: 225-233 (9)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* James R. Wible
A Peircean Perspective on Path Dependence in Economics: a Review Essay on Altug Yalcintas, Intellectual Path Dependence in Economics: Why Economists Do Not Reject Refuted Theories

DOI: 10.19272/201706101011

Pagine: 237-247 (11)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Pascal Bridel
The (Somewhat?) Shaky Theoretical Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics: a Review Article of Michel De Vroey, A History of Macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and Beyond

DOI: 10.19272/201706101012

Pagine: 249-253 (5)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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Book reviews

DOI: 10.19272/201706101013

Pagine: 257-270 (14)
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