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Fabrizio Serra editore, Pisa - Roma

* Anno XXVII, 2019/3
Pp. 172
* History of Economic Ideas (fascicolo completo)
Anno XXVII 2019/3

Pagine: 1-172 (160)
Prezzo: Euro 210.00
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* Manolis Manioudis, Dimitris Milonakis
J. S. Mill and the Evolution of Historical Thinking: from the History of Ideas to the Idea of History

DOI: 10.19272/201906103001

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 11-27 (17)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Antoine Parent
Couvrez ce sein que je ne saurais voir. Liquidity Trap in Theory and History: Paradox, Impasse and Revival

DOI: 10.19272/201906103002

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 29-58 (30)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Riccardo Soliani, Mario Morroni
Whatever Has Happened to Political Economy?

DOI: 10.19272/201906103003

Pagine: 61-66 (6)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Heterodox Economics as a Scientific Community: Problems, Prospects and Alternative Strategies

DOI: 10.19272/201906103004

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 67-93 (27)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Thiago Dumont Oliveira, Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak
Of Time, Uncertainty and Policy-Making: the Classical Origins of Lionel Robbins' Epistemology of Political Economy

DOI: 10.19272/201906103005

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 95-113 (19)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Cristina Re
Teaching Economics in the Time of Ordoliberalist Hegemony

DOI: 10.19272/201906103006

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 115-128 (14)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Harro Maas
«A Wanderer in the Land of Dry Facts». Marshall's Struggles with History in the Concrete (Tiziano Raffaelli's Lecture)

DOI: 10.19272/201906103007

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 129-154 (26)
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Book reviews

DOI: 10.19272/201906103008

Pagine: 157-162 (6)
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