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Fabrizio Serra editore, Pisa · Roma

* Anno XLVIII/2, 2021
Pp. 148
* International journal of transport economics (fascicolo completo)

Pagine: 1-148 (139)
Prezzo: Euro 350.00
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* Claudia Burlando, Andrea Vella
E-commerce and the last mile in urban goods distribution : criticalities and the need for change

DOI: 10.19272/202106702001

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 141-161 (21)
Prezzo: Euro 45.00
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* Antonio Gil Ropero, María del Mar Cerbán Jiménez, Alberto Camarero Orive, José Ignacio Parra Santiago, Ignacio J. Turias Domínguez
Evaluating efficiency of the Spanish Port System. A Bootstrap DEA analysis

DOI: 10.19272/202106702002

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 163-182 (20)
Prezzo: Euro 45.00
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* Weiyou Guo, Hercules Haralambides, Ming Zhong, Zhongzhen Yang
From Emerging to Mature Markets: Optimum Sales Strategies in the Cruise Industry

DOI: 10.19272/202106702003

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 183-200 (18)
Prezzo: Euro 45.00
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* Qian Long Kweh, Irene Wei Kiong Ting, Wen-Min Lu, Cheng-Hsien Lin
Effects of aircraft leased/owned on operational and wealth-creation efficiencies

DOI: 10.19272/202106702004

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 201-220 (20)
Prezzo: Euro 45.00
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* Ghada Mtir, Abdelkader Sbihi, Hamdi Dkhil, Foued Aloulou
The dry port location problem: A Review and research agenda

DOI: 10.19272/202106702005

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 221-250 (30)
Prezzo: Euro 45.00
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* Meserret Nalçakan, Seçkin Uluskan
Structural Equation Modeling of Macro Factors of Railway Accidents: A Worldwide Analysis

DOI: 10.19272/202106702006

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 251-273 (23)
Prezzo: Euro 45.00
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