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Archaeologia Iberica

An International Journal


Rivista internazionale di studi su Leonardo da Vinci


Rivista internazionale di letteratura italiana

Philosophical Papyri

A Journal of Ancient Philosophy
and the Papyrological Tradition



A Journal of Alternative Sexualities
in Ancient and Modern Literature and the Arts


An International Journal


Rivista internazionale

Favola & Fiaba

Rivista internazionale di studi e ricerche nelle letterature classiche e moderne


Rivista internazionale di studi su Niccolò Machiavelli

Philologia Philosophica

Rivista internazionale

Romana Res Publica

An International Journal

Scritture e linguaggi dello sport

Rivista internazionale di letteratura

Asia Minor

An International Journal of Archaeology in Turkey


An International Journal of Archaeomusicology and Archaeology of Sound

Ancient Numismatics

An International Journal

Occidente / Oriente

Rivista internazionale di studi tardoantichi

Artes Renascentes

Revue Scientifique Internationale · Rivista Scientifica Internazionale · International Scholarly Journal · Revista Científica Internacional · Internationale Wissenschaftliche Fachzeitschrift


An International Journal on Glyptic Studies


Rivista internazionale di studi storico-filologici sulle fonti

Oriens Antiquus · Series Nova

Rivista di studi sul Vicino Oriente Antico e il Mediterraneo orientale
A Journal of Ancient Near-Eastern and East Mediterranean Studies

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* Anno XXX, 2022/1
Pp. 232
* History of Economic Ideas (fascicolo completo)
Anno XXX 2022/1

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Prime pagine e sommario / Frontmatter and Contents

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* Mauro Boianovsky
Geoffrey Colin Harcourt (1931-2021): A Cambridge Economist From Down Under (Open Access)

DOI: 10.19272/202206101001

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 9-44 (36)
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* Pierre Januard
Risks on Trade: The Activity of the Merchant in Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary on the Sentences

DOI: 10.19272/202206101002

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 47-98 (52)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Manolis Manioudis, Dimitra Yiardoglou, Dimitris Milonakis
The Diffusion of John Stuart Mill’s Ideas and Greek Political Economy: The Case of Aristides Economos

DOI: 10.19272/202206101003

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 99-119 (21)
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* Valentina Erasmo
‘Change within continuity’: an Alternative Reading of the Evolution of Keynes’s Philosophy of Probability

DOI: 10.19272/202206101004

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 121-142 (22)
Prezzo: Euro 30.00
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* Renaud Fillieule
A Critique of Friedrich Hayek’s Argumentation in Favor of a Productivity Theory of Interest

DOI: 10.19272/202206101005

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 143-156 (14)
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* Daria Pignalosa, Paolo Trabucchi
On the «Logical Necessity» of a Uniform Rate of Profit in Sraffa’s Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities

DOI: 10.19272/202206101006

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 157-183 (27)
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* Sam Bowman
The Moligopoly Hypothesis: Big Tech Competition Reconsidered. A review article of Nicolas Petit, Big Tech and the Digital Economy. The Moligopoly Scenario

DOI: 10.19272/202206101007

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 187-193 (7)
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* Ritwika Patgiri
Can Patriarchal Systems Fall? A review essay of Nancy Folbre, The Rise and Decline of Patriarchal Systems. An Intersectional Political Economy

DOI: 10.19272/202206101008

I p. / Abstract

Pagine: 195-204 (10)
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Book reviews

DOI: 10.19272/202206101009

Pagine: 207-221 (15)
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