Formerly «Rivista di biologia - Biology Forum»

Fabrizio Serra editore, Pisa - Roma

Rivista semestrale / Semiannual Journal

Editor-in-Chief: David M. Lambert (Brisbane)

Managing Editors: Chris Chetland (Auckland) · Paolo Freguglia (L'Aquila)

Associate Editors: Vincenzo Barone (Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore) · Armando Bazzani (Bologna) Marcello Buiatti (Firenze) · Gastone Castellani (Bologna) · Giuseppe Damiani (Pavia) Eva Jablonka (Tel Aviv) · Craig Millar (Auckland)

Editors Emeriti: Giuseppe Sermonti (Roma) · Silvano Traverso (Genova)

Editorial Board: Lev Beloussov (Moskwa) · Marco Buiatti (Paris) · Vincenzo Capasso (Milano) Paola Cerrai (Pisa) · Manuela Giovannetti (Pisa) Gabriele A. Losa (Locarno) · Silvia Morante (Roma)

Advisory Board: V. Benci (Pisa) · E. Beretta (Urbino) · E. Boncinelli (Milano) · G. De Vico (Napoli) A. D'Onofrio (Lyon) · R. Fani (Firenze) · A. Fasano (Firenze) · M. Forti (Pisa) · L. Fronzoni (Pisa) E. Gagliasso (Roma) · L. Galleni (Pisa) · G. Giudice (Palermo) · R. Hertel (Freiburg i. B.) M.-W. Ho (Milton Keynes) · G. Longo (Paris) · A. Minelli (Padova) · P. Nardon (Lyon) Z. Neubauer (Praha) · T. Nonnenmacher (Ulm) · H. Paterson (Queensland) E. Pessa (Roma) · L. Preziosi (Torino) · D.J. Read (Sheffield) · P. Saunders (London) A. Simonetta (Firenze) · G. Turchetti (Bologna) · C. Vellano (Torino) · G. Webster (Brighton)

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«Theoretical Biology Forum» is an International Peer-Reviewed Journal and it is Abstracted / Indexed in BIOBASE/Current Awareness in Biological Sciences; Cambridge Scientific Abstracts; Current Contents (Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Science); EMBiology; Index Medicus / MEDLINE/PubMed; Science Citation Index Expanded/Scisearch; Scopus; UMI; Zoological Record.
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* Founded in Italy in 1919, «Theoretical Biology Forum» (formerly «Rivista di Biologia / Biology Forum») is one of the oldest biological journals in the world. It is devoted to theoretical biology, in its broadest sense. The journal aims at going beyond specializations, discussing, before a multidisciplinary audience, biological topics of general theoretical interest. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to): Evolutionary Biology, Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology, Neurosciences and Biology of Mind, Complexity of Biological Systems, Biomathematics, Biophysics, History and Philosophy of Biology. All topics are dealt with from a theoretical standpoint, the focus being on concepts rather than on technical details. Mathematical formalism is reduced to a minimum, so that articles are also accessible to non-specialists. Experimental papers are not accepted. «Theoretical Biology Forum» publishes research articles, reviews, 'perspective' articles, book reviews, letters to the editors. * Fascicoli / Issues * Cm 17,5 x 24,7 / ISSN 2282-2593 / ISSN elettronico 1825-6538 / Composizione in carattere (typeset in) Serra Dante
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Ultimo fascicolo pubblicato (last published issue): 106 · 1-2, 2015

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