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Archaeologia Iberica

An International Journal


Rivista internazionale di studi su Leonardo da Vinci


Rivista internazionale di letteratura italiana

Philosophical Papyri

A Journal of Ancient Philosophy
and the Papyrological Tradition



A Journal of Alternative Sexualities
in Ancient and Modern Literature and the Arts


An International Journal


Rivista internazionale

Favola & Fiaba

Rivista internazionale di studi e ricerche nelle letterature classiche e moderne


Rivista internazionale di studi su Niccolò Machiavelli

Philologia Philosophica

Rivista internazionale

Romana Res Publica

An International Journal

Scritture e linguaggi dello sport

Rivista internazionale di letteratura

Asia Minor

An International Journal of Archaeology in Turkey


An International Journal of Archaeomusicology and Archaeology of Sound

Ancient Numismatics

An International Journal

Occidente / Oriente

Rivista internazionale di studi tardoantichi

Artes Renascentes

Revue Scientifique Internationale · Rivista Scientifica Internazionale · International Scholarly Journal · Revista Científica Internacional · Internationale Wissenschaftliche Fachzeitschrift


An International Journal on Glyptic Studies


Rivista internazionale di studi storico-filologici sulle fonti

Oriens Antiquus · Series Nova

Rivista di studi sul Vicino Oriente Antico e il Mediterraneo orientale
A Journal of Ancient Near-Eastern and East Mediterranean Studies


An International Journal of Archaeomusicology and Archaeology of Sound

Copia saggio Online / Online Sample Copy


Volume III, 2023
Pp. 144


Angela Bellia, Editorial; Jeffrey P. Charest, The Warriors’ Song: Defining the Ancient Assyro-Hittite Long Neck Lute (1550-629 BC); Angeliki Liveri, Ancient Greek Work Music, Songs and Dances; Angela Bellia, Esperienza sonora e performances musicali nel rituale funerario del mondo antico; Luis Calero, Some Considerations on the Tubes’ Disposition in Roman Iconography of the Hydraulis; Mirco Mungari, Roman Domestic Soundscapes: A Preliminary Survey on Literary Sources.


Volume II, 2022
Pp. 120


Angela Bellia, Ricordo di Rita Gianfelice; Angela Bellia, Editorial; Daniel Sánchez Muñoz, Arnaud Saura-Ziegelmeyer, Sylvain Perrot, Sounds of Copper and Bronze: Metonymies of Copper and Bronze as Sound Objects in the Ancient World; Eleonora Colangelo, Shining Lyres, Brilliant Sounds: Technical Materiality and the Vocabulary of Light Reflected in Attic Inscriptions; Kamila Wysłucha, ‘Tibia Orichalco Vincta’ : Orichalcum (Brass) and Musical Instruments at the End of the 1st c. BCE; Heidi Köpp-Junk, Clappers in Ancient Egypt : Wood or Ivory for the Same Event or Ritual?; Lidia Izquierdo Torrontera, An Overview on Musical Iconography in the Iberian Culture (6th-1st c. BCE); Dylan Lawrence Gibson, Translating Ancient Near-Eastern Musical Language: An Africanist Inspired Perspective ; Book review: Valeria Bellomia, Ascoltare un osso umano. L’omichicahuaztli, dalla Mesoamerica Preispanica alla vetrina di un museo (Angela Bellia).


Volume I, 2021
Pp. 156

Copia saggio Online / Online Sample Copy

Angela Bellia, Editorial; Fernando A. Coimbra, The Contribution of Rock Art for Understanding the Origins of Music and Dancing; Angeliki Liveri, Soundscape of Public Festivals in Athens (Panathenaia and City Dionysia); Fábio Vergara Cerqueira, The ‘Apulian Cithara’ on the Vase-Paintings of the 4th c. BC: Morphological and Musical Analysis; Angela Bellia, Sounds of Childhood in the Ancient World; Claudina Romero Mayorga, Music in Mystery Cults : Towards a Comprehensive Catalogue; Jean-Christophe Valière, Bénédicte Bertholon, Vasco Zara, David Fiala, Experimenting with the Acoustic Pots Chamber of Noyon Cathedral (late 16th c.?): An Archaeoacoustic and Musicological Investigation; José Nicolás Balbi, Isabella Leone, Gustavo Manuel Corrado, Sound of the Stones : A Preliminary Survey in an Inka Temple of the Argentine Andes.